Haiku #9

the great walnut branch
torn by wind, brought down by weight
rests like a dead horse


About Greg Bryant

I teach writing and literature at Highland Community College in northeast Kansas.
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7 Responses to Haiku #9

  1. Nancy says:

    Greg, when did it come down? I saw it yesterday, but I wasn’t aware of any strong winds. Did it just randomly fall?

  2. Greg Bryant says:

    Tuesday mid-afternoon when we came home it was like that. I assume the windstorm a month ago weakened it (it was already rotten-hollow) and it just took some time to tear the rest of the way loose.

  3. bryon says:

    Just playing around with other ideas:

    massive walnut branch
    falls unnoticed –
    did it make a sound?

    dog days –
    huge tree branch
    separates from bark

    crushed grass –
    large tree branch
    rests on its shadow

  4. bryon says:

    I might note that my second attempt would earn me a “C” in the haiku community: an “A” for the kigo (season words) in the first line, and an “F” for the pun.

  5. Greg Bryant says:

    I like the third one, Bryon. It compels the imagination. Somehow that “rests on its shadow” takes my mind to the startling position of the branch. It’s closer to what I’ve been looking for than anything I’ve found.

  6. Nancy says:

    Greg said something the other day about Haikus not actually being as restrictive in number of syllables as we all were taught. So this is a combination of all my favorite parts:

    Massive walnut branch
    Falls unnoticed
    Resting like a dead horse
    On its shadow.

    I doubt it can be a haiku if it has 4 lines, but this what I like anyway! :-)

  7. Greg Bryant says:

    What the heck, I like it too! Restrictions are made to be escaped.

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