haiku #14

pale sunlight
on the dry grass
a scattering of sparrows


About Greg Bryant

I teach writing and literature at Highland Community College in northeast Kansas.
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2 Responses to haiku #14

  1. bryon says:

    Excellent. A lovely, simple haiku, just like mama-san used to make.

    • Greg Bryant says:

      Thank you. When I wrote that I’d just been reading your latest discussion and links and rediscovered some of the spirit of haiku I enjoy most. One of those sources mentioned how writing this way changes the way you look at the world around you. It really does.

      Another of those links quoted someone as saying haiku is poetry that “tends toward silence.” That’s a very Zen thought: utterance and silence dissolving in each other. The more you learn about this kind of poetry, the fewer syllables you want to use. I am reminded of John Cage’s symphonic composition 4’33”. I wonder if Cage wrote haiku.

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