420 chars #8

My opinion on Romney’s alleged prep-school bullying: Drop it. Till now the issue was whether gays should have equal rights. If we have to answer for stupid things we did at 17, the issue becomes whether we have the right to change our minds. Obama evolved. Let Romney evolve. Focus on equal rights, not “foolish consistency” (Emerson). Two truths: 1) People change. 2) We’re all better than the worst thing we ever did.


About Greg Bryant

I teach writing and literature at Highland Community College in northeast Kansas.
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6 Responses to 420 chars #8

  1. bryon says:

    I’ve been thinking about this. It would be easier to let Romney evolve if there were evidence he had done so. Instead, he says he doesn’t remember doing a terrible thing to a fellow human being, and his “I am sorry if I hurt anyone” is awfully weak. I, too, believe in change and redemption, but I also believe in atonement. His victim is dead, but surely he can make some overt sign that he knows he was horribly wrong. (420 chars to the period)

    • Greg Bryant says:

      I agree his response is lame, and he should say a lot more. I also think he won’t because he wants the argument to be about his attitude toward gays (he wants people to think he righteously hates them) and not about civil rights. I think the issue skews the discussion. But I also agree he’s a scumbag, bully, liar, and homophobe.

    • Greg Bryant says:

      I put this on facebook too (hence the 420 chars) and got a strong reaction against what I was saying, from friends and relatives who are mild-mannered and reasonable. I got several “likes” from right-wingers, including one who works for Fox News Radio. So I don’t know what to think exactly. I guess I just think what I think.

      I’m still evolving.

  2. bryon says:

    Raising the question, I suppose, of how much of this is simply partisan politics. Opponents, largely, won’t give the other guy a fair shake, and his supporters will give him too much latitude. By being a fair and reasonable person, you’ve annoyed some friends and given aid and comfort to those you generally disagree with. Funny thing, life.

    • bryon says:

      To be perfectly clear, I’m not one of the annoyed friends. I think you make an excellent case; I’m merely looking harder at a different side of the issue.

      • Greg Bryant says:

        I didn’t think you were annoyed. The “strong reaction” I got from others was simple flat-out disagreement, but stated in friendly terms. They just didn’t believe Romney didn’t really remember it. I was willing to believe it, since I’ve forgotten a lot of the stupid things I said and did in high school. When an old classmate reminds me of one, I feel embarrassed and tell myself perhaps it is they who misremember it.

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