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I teach writing and literature at Highland Community College in northeast Kansas.

Poem: Storm Coming

Beneath the general leaden overcast little ragged dark clouds are scudding, as they say, just over the treetops. Something in the calm air, like held breath, has swallows darting all directions in frantic preparation. There is purpose in that sky … Continue reading

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Reading Pablo Neruda

It is a borrowed horse I heel bareback toward the high pass, leaping streams and battering columbine for a view of a hidden valley. The horse tangles his feet, shakes direction out of his mane, his neck a muscular question … Continue reading

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Deer flies

The clover and the sandburs make their peace with deer flies with a sip of sweet nectar and some pollen to carry to the neighbor. The swallows thrive on flies, touching each in mid-air like the tip of a whip. … Continue reading

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Non-CSS formatting codes

Earlier I showed how to get more control over paragraph styles, spacing, and fonts in your WordPress blog using a few copyable codes, and without having to buy WordPress’s “Custom Design” package. Since that time, I use these codes even … Continue reading

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Just Below Timberline

The next morning when the first light grayed the walls of my tent I crawled out into the crisp, still air of what promised to be another gorgeous mountain day. I stirred the white ashes up to expose a few shimmering golden-red coals, tossed on some twigs and a few pine sticks, and prepared to go to the stream for water. The still-greasy saucepan, dusted with gray and black ash, lay beside the stones of the fire ring. I lifted it and discovered, perfectly centered in the bottom, two oblong feces about the size of jelly beans. Continue reading

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Shakespeare: his own genius after all

No one else showed Shakespeare’s style and quality over his or her own signature. If other people were really better qualified or prepared to write like Shakespeare, why didn’t they? This essay closely compares works of Shakespeare to writings clearly attributed to three leading challengers. The poetry speaks for itself. Continue reading

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October Cider

The light breeze curls up in the gentle sun and catnaps while we chatter in the orchard. Last March I met this day or its twin sister. Cooler than some days, warmer than some others, it played the referee when … Continue reading

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Under the sun

Every time I’ve written a poem — Starting to think it’s good — Emily D — has already said it better than I ever could —

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Pure happiness

This is my Independence Day thought. A few months ago I commented on the essential identity of the ideas of “property” and “happiness” in America’s Declaration of Independence, as in “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” With that lovely … Continue reading

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haiku #19

Morning after rain catbird in the sycamore invisible, sings

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