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Non-CSS formatting codes

Earlier I showed how to get more control over paragraph styles, spacing, and fonts in your WordPress blog using a few copyable codes, and without having to buy WordPress’s “Custom Design” package. Since that time, I use these codes even … Continue reading

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Pure happiness

This is my Independence Day thought. A few months ago I commented on the essential identity of the ideas of “property” and “happiness” in America’s Declaration of Independence, as in “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” With that lovely … Continue reading

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420 chars #1

This is a genre I’ve just named. I didn’t invent it, since it consists only of the limitation on the size of a Facebook status (hence the name). I just decided “420 chars” needed to name a genre of ultracondensed … Continue reading

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Special codes for paragraph styles

This is so cool I just decided to make a post out of it so other bloggers can use it to customize the paragraph style in their own blogs—without spending money. I’ve been paying $15 a year to get my … Continue reading

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Note from Cletis

I recently called your attention to a really good blog I’ve been reading by a fellow in Kentucky, “The Book of Cletis.” He asked me to invite you other writers to talk to him if you’d like to participate in … Continue reading

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Kindred spirit in Kentucky

I want to call your attention to a blog: The Book of Cletis. Doc Arnett suggested I might like it, and he was right. It has a nice mixture of essay, humor, fiction, and poetry. Apparently some Kentuckians feel as … Continue reading

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New NEKWE bloggers

For your information, we have two new NEKWE members: Bill Griffith (Belexus) and Doc Arnett (Truth in Poetry). (Doc’s asked me to list this site instead of the “Reflection” site I listed earlier. Of course you’re welcome to visit his … Continue reading

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