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Just Below Timberline

The next morning when the first light grayed the walls of my tent I crawled out into the crisp, still air of what promised to be another gorgeous mountain day. I stirred the white ashes up to expose a few shimmering golden-red coals, tossed on some twigs and a few pine sticks, and prepared to go to the stream for water. The still-greasy saucepan, dusted with gray and black ash, lay beside the stones of the fire ring. I lifted it and discovered, perfectly centered in the bottom, two oblong feces about the size of jelly beans. Continue reading

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The Glasses

“Did you water the tomatoes?” In the air-conditioned car, Freddie felt suddenly hot. His dad had told him to water them before they went to the pool. “You didn’t, did you?” There was nothing for Freddie to say. “You’re almost … Continue reading

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Computer Games

Note: I’ve revised this story, changing the setting and several lines of dialog and action. I may or may not have adequately addressed Bryon’s comment about motivation. I would welcome responses. –gb • The kid snorted at the computer monitor … Continue reading

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Nineteen Minutes

“Pass him, Dad!” His father, lean and tan, squinting through heavy-black-framed sunglasses at the motorcycle and its two riders fifty yards ahead of them, dropped his hands to a more comfortable position on the bottom rim of the steering wheel. … Continue reading

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The Sanctuary

I learned Brother Tom’s secret within two minutes of our first meeting, in his cell. He told me outright, hoping, I suppose, to prevent awkwardness. I felt surprise and shame. You weren’t supposed to say that even if you thought … Continue reading

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