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Just Below Timberline

The next morning when the first light grayed the walls of my tent I crawled out into the crisp, still air of what promised to be another gorgeous mountain day. I stirred the white ashes up to expose a few shimmering golden-red coals, tossed on some twigs and a few pine sticks, and prepared to go to the stream for water. The still-greasy saucepan, dusted with gray and black ash, lay beside the stones of the fire ring. I lifted it and discovered, perfectly centered in the bottom, two oblong feces about the size of jelly beans. Continue reading

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Shakespeare: his own genius after all

No one else showed Shakespeare’s style and quality over his or her own signature. If other people were really better qualified or prepared to write like Shakespeare, why didn’t they? This essay closely compares works of Shakespeare to writings clearly attributed to three leading challengers. The poetry speaks for itself. Continue reading

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